ON TRACK ~ Drama

ON TRACK – sports drama.

A past-her-prime marathon runner gets a second chance at the Olympic gold, but her obsession could tear apart her family.

In the 2004 Athens Olympics, Gracie Todd runs the race of her life. She is seconds away from the finish line and the gold medal when tragedy strikes. She and her rival Alana Iconovitch run into each other and off the track. They are knocked out of the race.

Twelve years later Gracie is happily married to Noah Kallstrum and together they are raising his fifteen year old daughter Talia. She works alongside Tommy Wheaton, her former coach, training the college track team and is the assistant coach for Talia’s soccer team. She seems to have been able to her leave her past in the past, until she learns that Iconovitch is running again in the Olympic marathon. Old feelings of being second best are dredged up and Gracie again feels the pain of defeat. Encouraged by Tommy and her family, Gracie decides to race once more and put to rest the question of ‘who would have won?”

Gracie and Tommy are back in their glory days of training, Noah and Talia are happy that Gracie is so happy. But soon Gracie is spending more and more time training, racing and seems to be drifting away from them and their life together. To make matters worse, Lacy Springfield, Noah’s sister -in-law from his first marriage comes to town after her divorce and begins to take over Gracie’s place at home.

Gracie feels threatened by Lacy. She tries to tell this to Noah but feels as if she’s “second-best”; second best to her husband and second-best on the track. She believes if she steps up her game she has a real chance to beat Iconovitch, get the gold and put her past demons to rest. The question is, will she be able to do the same at home and save her marriage and her family?