Screenplays – (Click titles below for full synopsis)


An angry, one handed fourteen year old girl struggles to find her place in the world until she discovers the sport of competitive fencing.

Alex McKenna is fourteen, rebellious and lost. Self conscious about her deformed hand, she chooses a life on the outside of everything and everyone.  Alex stumbles into the world of competitive fencing and believes she has found a way in. Until she discovers her friends might not be what they seem, and that some teammates will do anything to win.

LEGACY  ~ Drama

Living in the shadow of her grandmother’s mental illness torments Jenny as she becomes a new mother, unsure if she’s fit to raise a child.

In the 1930’s Sophie Adler battles mental illness and becomes one of the first patients to be successfully treated with Lithium. A generation later, her granddaughter battles demons of her own and finds strength in the diary Sophie left behind.

ON TRACK  ~ Drama

A disgraced Olympic runner seeks redemption by qualifying for the Olympics 12 years after her fall at the finish line.  hoping to prove herself to her husband, step-daughter and former rival.

Gracie Todd takes one more shot at gold, but might lose her family in the process.

CULTURE SHOCK     ~  Comedy

After losing her marriage and fortune, a single mother must learn what’s truly important in life.

After her husband loses all their money and then leaves for another woman, Karyn Phillips  is forced to face with the real world of jobs, bills, public schools and  ends  up working  for a costumed catering company. In the process she learns what it really takes to be a true mom to her eight-year-old son.

The Lesson Plan ~ Drama

When Teacher of the year Sarah Gordon is stalked by a female student and then accused of raping her, the deadly game of cat and mouse begins.